Left, right, or counterclockwise: how do you take your coffee?

In the run-up to Occam’s Beard, important questions are being asked. Questions you may ask yourself every day, even without realizing it. But science is here to help, and to get to the bottom of your thoughts — or, in this case, your coffee.

One team presenting at Occam’s Beard has exactly this lofty goal. If you have a minute, why not help them out, and fill out this survey?

Edit (16/02/2014): the survey has been closed! To see the results of this meticulous investigation, join us on February 1st, 16h, in the auditorium of the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, for the first ever Symposium of Occam’s Beard!

Image credit: Jennifer K. Warren — licensed with Creative Commons BY NC ND 2.0

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