Lisbon — February 2014

Watch videos from the event here:

Our participants:

lorenzo-mario Mário Ferreira & Lorenzo Quaglietta et al. — A team of eleven biologists, one sociologist and one environmental engineer from IICT and CIBIO. Their main area of expertise is ecology, but for Occam’s Beard they will explore what your coffee habits say about your political, brain, and geographical hemispheres.
marcia A. Márcia Barbosa — A biogeographer/macroecologist at CIBIO/InBIO at the University of Évora, with a radical theory about the origin of the Iberian peninsula.
david-bruno David Marçal & Bruno Pinto — Members of the Cientistas de Pé, a stand-up comedy group about science, and post-doctoral researchers on science and society. Never far away from a cell phone, as they firmly believe this will prevent them from getting tuberculosis.
alexandre-tania Alexandre Monteiro & Tânia Manuel Casimiro — An experienced archaeological diver and nautical archaeology expert at ICOMOS (to name but a few of Alexandre’s qualifications) and a postdoctoral researcher investigating the trade and consumption of Portuguese ceramics at IAP and IHC. Together they will take us to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean to find Atlantis… in the Açores.
mario Mário Silva — A science prodigy in the 11th grade of the Colégio Internato dos Carvalhos, presenting a revolutionary theory on the evolutionary origin of male pattern baldness.
marta-isabel Marta Isabel Pereira et al. — A hematologist and two clinical pathologists, who will, at last, present the true story of how Eastern mysticism and astrology affect the epidemiology of Western bacterial nosocomial infections.
thiago Thiago Carvalho — Immunologist at the IGC, ready to break down the dogma of RNA transcription in favour of Chromosomal Parsimony Theory.